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Video Review!

2013-12-29 23:28:55 by solarVagrant

Hey folks, I probably need to be using this news sections some more, so here's a new post.  (Besides I really ought to replace that walkthough already on the front page, haha).

First though, HOLY CRAP A VIDEO REVIEW.  This is my first video review I've gotten for pretty much anything, so suffice to say this is pretty exciting.

The review was actually put together by fellow Newgrounds user Plasmarift, and he's got a whole dang channel of game reviews for a bunch of indie games.  I've been watching a few of his videos they have all been pretty great.  Plus there are some really interesting games that he's looking at.  Be sure to check out his channel!

I know I've been pretty silent on here, but that's because I've been working on the next game in the BackDoor series.  It's going to be much larger than the last one, so it's been taking much longer than expected.  Not to mention that thesis research is slowly consuming more and more of my life. :T  Regardless I am still making progress on the game, and I'm hoping to put out a demo eventually just to test out a section or two.  The demo probably won't be out for a while yet, but it is definitely a thing that is happening.

Take it easy!


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2014-01-02 12:12:25

Wow, a review about a flash game, huh? Nice.
That's good, I think.
What? The demo is almost out? Awesome! I'm gonna wait for it!