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Door 2 Released!

2016-11-28 23:34:24 by solarVagrant

Hey folks,

After a long time in development, Door 2 is out!  Happy to have finally release the game.  Hope you like it!

I'll put together a walkthrough in a couple days.  For now though I shall sleep.


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2016-11-29 09:46:05

Yay! It's been so long since the first one came out I started to lose hope that there would be a new chapter. I really enjoyed the first so I'm very excited for this installment :) Thank you!

solarVagrant responds:

That's great to hear you liked it! : )


2016-11-29 14:02:52

I hope for a walkthrough too. I got the easter egg but dunno how to use it. Also how come that female robot with long hair and the green clothes didn't show up at the end? I looked everywhere for her. Everyone else was there... You know?

Also you should really put a link to your tumblr on your profile page here. Some great stuff in there.

(Updated ) solarVagrant responds:

Here, I'll give you a hint for the egg- where does an egg belong? Also yeah, it sure was weird that Clove that didn't appear in the end. How about that.

Crap you're right, I don't have my tumblr linked. I could have sworn I did. Thanks, nice catch!